Character played by: John Saxon
Job/Career or Title Alien Rebel Leader
SMDM  The Return of Bigfoot
BW  The Return of Bigfoot (Part II)
Reunion  none

Nedlick is one of a group of Aliens who have been living in the California mountains, studying Earth for centuries.

Disaffected like many Aliens with Apploy and the scientific aims of their mission, Nedlick desired to use the Aliens' technological advantages to seize dominion over Earth and its people. Leading a group of Alien rebels, he stole the Sasquatch, and damaged the reactor at the Alien base near San Angelo, California. The rebels then relocated to a new base in Mexico, and began assembling the components of an impenetrable shield for their base. Using the Sasquatch to steal these components causes suspicion to fall on Steve Austin, a turn of events that ultimately leads to Nedlick's undoing.

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