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Peggy Callahan
Callhan smdm 2.22
Played by Jennifer Darling
Occupation secretary
Affiliation OSI
SMDM Steve Austin, Fugitive
The Winning Smile
Kill Oscar (Part II)
Task Force
BW Kill Oscar
Kill Oscar (Part III)
Fembots in Las Vegas
Fembots in Las Vegas (Part II)
Brain Wash
The Antidote
Which One Is Jaime?

A scene from Steve Austin, Fugitive


A scene from Kill Oscar

Margaret "Peggy" Callahan — commonly referred to as just Callahan — is the personal secretary to Oscar Goldman. She is in her late 20s, and holds a masters degree in political science. Petite in stature with a wide engaging smile and raspy voice, Peggy is often eager to please her superiors and colleagues to make a good impression. Perky and capable while a bit on the nervous side, she is able to juggle multiple secretarial duties at once.


OSI Career[]

In 1975, Callahan began working as secretary for the OSI, replacing Miss Johnson after her three month extension expired. (Steve Austin, Fugitive) Her original OSI security clearance was Level 3. However, when a gunshot wound damaged the power cable and circuitry in Steve Austin's bionic leg, she was asked to gather electronic components to assist repairs when Dr. Rudy Wells was unavailable. As a result of this top secret information being revealed, Callahan's OSI security clearance was upgraded to Level 6.


Peggy Callahan is a third generation native from Burlington, Vermont, where her mother and father still reside. She maintains an especially close relationship with her mother who frequently keeps in touch by long-distance telephone. Self-admittedly, Callahan possesses "caution and conservativeness" in her genes. Her family apparently expressed concern about her moving to a large city, and sent care packages including multiple door locks for her Washington apartment (#31). (Steve Austin, Fugitive) She later moved to apartment #401, presumably in another building, where she was assaulted by her Fembot double. (Kill Oscar)

Colleagues and Friends[]


Callahan: I never thought when I got my Master's degree, just a few months ago, in Political Science, that I'd actually be living political science myself. (Steve Austin, Fugitive)