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Prison guard

"Welcome to the penitentiary, Jaime" - Prison guard played by Ruth Kobart

This Prison Guard, at the Delaware Federal Penitentiary, is part of a conspiracy to help prisoner Lisa Galloway escape from the prison and replace her with OSI agent Jaime Sommers.

One year ago, Galloway had extensive facial reconstructive surgery in order to assume the appearance of Jaime, and was subsequently sent to the Penitentiary for attempting to kill Oscar Goldman. Galloway's former boss, Dr. James Courtney, has enlisted the efforts of key prison personnel in order to facilitate the exchange of Galloway and Jaime.

The Guard, whose knowledge of the procedures and routines is invaluable, frees Galloway from her cell and provides an escort to the loading dock. From there, the Guard drags an unconscious Jaime to the cell, taking joy in welcoming Jaime to her new home.

When Jaime wakes up in jail, she calls the guard to explain who she is. The Guard deliberately taunts Jaime, calling her "Lisa" several times, and telling her to "just take it easy," before walking away. The Prison Guard soon returns to take Jaime to see Warden Cooper, but continues to taunt her with an admonishment for not responding to the name Galloway.

The guard's fate when the conspiracy fails in Part 2 is not recorded.


  • (shouting) "Galloway! Galloway! Listen honey, I'm sick of your Jaime Sommers routine. Now you start answering to your own name or you're gonna find yourself in solitary. Got it?"