Richard Irving
Born February 13, 1917
Died December 23, 1990
Job Title(s)
SMDM  Produced by:
The Six Million Dollar Man (1973)
Directed by:
The Six Million Dollar Man (1973)
BW  none
Reunion  none
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Richard Irving was a well-known producer-director and Universal executive whose career spanned 4 decades, who is perhaps best remembered for directing the pilot movies for Columbo and The Six Million Dollar Man, as well as the 1984 TV Movie The Jesse Owens Story.


After working in small roles as an actor in the 40's and 50's, Richard Irving became a prolific producer and director in the 50's. By 1973, Irving was well-established with scores of Television episodes to his credit, and had become a Vice President at Universal.

Irving was captivated by author Martin Caidin's Cyborg, which Caidin was shopping to studios at the time, and would direct and produce The Six Million Dollar Man (1973) (a late title change) for Universal and ABC. Irving would bring a high level of realism to the project, involving Caidin as an advisor, telling him: "Don't let us get away with anything."

Although the original telefilm was widely praised and would spark a franchise spanning over 150 hours of television, it would remain Irving's sole contribution. Irving would return to a similar concept, however, in 1977's Exo-Man.


  • Nominated for 4 Primetime Emmys.
  • Uncle of actress Amy Irving.
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