Robbie lee
Robbie Lee
SMDM  Audrey Moss in "The E.S.P. Spy"
and "Hocus-Pocus"
BW  none
Reunion  none
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Robbie Lee was a minor American actress who effectively had two careers. In 1974-75, she was a film and television actress playing a variety of "troubled" youths. Her biggest role during this time was in the 1975 film, Switchblade Sisters, said to have inspired Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill series.

In The Six Million Dollar Man, her character, the psychic Audrey Moss, was one of only a handful of guest characters to be brought back in later seasons for an encore appearance. Others include Kelly Woods, Irina Leonova and Jaime Sommers.

About a decade later, Lee returned to the entertainment industry, but this time as a vocal artist in animation. She was most active in the Rainbow Brite series, but also contributed her voice to the Pound Puppy phenomenon of the late-1980s.