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Robert Meyer
The Price of Liberty - Dr. Robert Meyer as in 1976
Played by Henry Beckman
SMDM The Price of Liberty

Robert Meyer is a demolition expert. In as early as World War II, he becomes the top demolition man for the Allies.

After the war, Meyer continues his studies. In 1951, Meyer graduates from the MIT. He then attains doctorate in Cal Tech. In 1955, Dr. Meyer starts working as a highly specialized aerospace technician for Stockwell.

Dr. Robert Meyer develops high blood pressure and experiences a severe heart attack in 1967. He is laid up for 18 months. Dr. Meyer regains what is left of his health in 1968. He turns jobless owing to a cutback in the space program.

In "The Price of Liberty", Meyer sabotages the Liberty Bell by stealing it and then attaching a sophisticated time bomb to it. He demands five million dollars for instructions on how to disable the bomb.

The plan of Steve Austin is to give him the money, obtain the instructions, then capture Meyer. When the money falls into the hands of Meyer, however, he has a blast of euphoria, and develops a second heart attack. He soon dies on the scene despite resuscitation attempts by Steven.

Before his death, he drops final tips to Steve as to the colors of electric wires which should be left uncut to disarm the bomb safely. Steve has to determine whether his dying words are trustable.