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S5 E7

Production 47315
Original Airdate: 30 October 1977
Steve goes undercover
Written by
Steven E. De Souza
Directed by
Don McDougall
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Robert Loggia as Rand Hendricks
Susanne Charny as Maureen Wright
Rick Springfield as Niles
Paul D'Amato as Brady
Trent Dolan as Jacobs
Russ Grieve as Comets Coach
Gail Bonney as Society Matron
Ron Ellis as Parking Attendant
Broadcast Order
Season 5
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"Killer Wind" "Dark Side of the Moon"


The O.S.I. has learned that Rand Hendricks, manager of the "Rockets" roller derby team, will receive $10 million from an international syndicate for top secret information to be delivered on Halloween. Steve's assignment is to find out what Hendricks is after, where it is, and how he plans to get it. As a first step, he wins a place on Hendricks' team. Hendricks, who knows Steve's true identity, makes it easy for Steve to get a false clue about where the burglary will take place. Hendricks' real target? The O.S.I. files.




  • This episode was probably the first time during this final season and possibly the last time that Peggy Callahan is mentioned on this series.
  • This is the second time in as many seasons that the OSI has staged a broken leg as an excuse to remove one of the bad guys from action, only to have the bad guy figure it out pretty quick.