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Sally Johnson
Played by Sarah Simmons
Occupation Oscar's Secretary
SMDM Return of the Robot Maker

Oscar Goldman's personal secretary, succeeding Julie Farrell and predecessor to Peggy Callahan.

Well prior to her appearance, in Season one's "Operation Firefly," Oscar calls an offscreen "Sally," evidently his secretary.

At the time of her appearance in Return of the Robot Maker (as per Steve Austin, Fugitive), Oscar changed secretaries regularly for security reasons. In "Steve Austin, Fugitive," Oscar refers to "Miss Johnson," only to be corrected by Steve: "Miss Johnson is now Miss Callahan," inferring that Sally Johnson remained Oscar's secretary during the time between these episodes. This seems to contradict the appearance of another secretary in "Look Alike," but may simply be further evidence of Oscar's confusion on this point.

Late in the run of The Six Million Dollar Man, in Season 5, Oscar began to make frequent mentions of "Sally," either calling to her offscreen or over the phone, or mentioning her to Steve. It is unknown if this was intended to be the same Sally. This coincided with the departure of The Bionic Woman to NBC, taking with it Peggy Callahan.