Character played by: Peter Lempert
Iron Ship and Dead Men - Sam Goldman
Sam Goldman
SMDM  none
BW  Iron Ships and Dead Men
Reunion  none

Sam Goldman is the elder brother of Oscar Goldman. When Japan attacks the Pearl Harbor on Dec 07 1941, Sam is serving in the Navy in Hawaii. He has received a quarter of a million dollars from his commanding officer, and is to pass the money to a double agent at 8:00 AM. Sam is to meet the agent on the destroyer Handerson being repaired.

Sam boards the Handerson, while a civilian dockworker Duke happens to be alone with him on the deck. When the Japanese attacks, Sam and Duke must leave the deck, and the closest cover is a hole in the bulkhead.

Sam is killed by a bullet into his back and straight out. Duke discovers cash of thousands, may be half a million, of dollars, in the case brought by Sam. Duke picks it up and runs, but is soon hit on his leg.

Duke throws the case of money into a pump hole. After the attack stops, and smoke cleared, Sam is nowhere to be found, so is the cash ("Iron Ships and Dead Men").

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