Character played by: John Reilly
Sam Sloan
SMDM  none
BW  Long Live the King
Reunion  none

Cheif of Protocol for the city of New York, Sam Sloan is notorious with the ladies, as Oscar Goldman is careful to indicate to Jaime Sommers in advance of their meeting. His favorite gag: telling women his fiancee died and "you're the first woman in years..." Luckily for Jaime, the woman in the picture forgot her purse and shows up very much alive looking for it.

While protecting the King they survive many adventures, and when Sam learns of her true identity, he blurts out "now who's going to take care of the kids while you're out chasing villains?" with his cards on the table, Jaime changes her mind about Sam. "It's about time", proclaims Sam.

After the King is safe, Sam tries to talk Jaime into quitting. She offers for him to quit and move to California. Sam sees the fairness of that- but recognizing that is his limit. They end with a kiss.


The last of several men Jaime dated during the third season, Sam is marginal to include. It is not clear to what extent the relationship formed, only that Jaime decided she liked him (to the point of Oscar teasing her about it), and that they kiss.

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