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Lucky Harrison and Grover at the docks

San Raton is a fictional city or country located somewhere in close proximity of the United States of America. San Raton was a port of call for the Princess Louise, a cruise ship owned and operated by Lucky Harrison.

Jaime Sommers and Oscar Goldman staged an incident with the assistance of the San Raton police that gave Jaime a plausible reason to stowaway aboard the Princess Louise. This was Jaime's cover while she investigated the disappearance of two missing energy cells. (BW: Assault on the Princess)


Puerto de SanRaton

San Raton and the Princess Louise

San Raton is not under U.S. jurisdiction, otherwise Lucky Harrison would be arrested for desertion from the Navy.

San Raton appears to be on good terms with the U.S. government. Oscar Goldman was able to employ the assistance of the San Raton police in staging Jaime's "escape" aboard the Princess Louise. The police also transported Goldman to a U.S. Naval station in or near San Raton. Presumably, the police commissioner of San Raton would be able to verify Jaime's reason for fleeing the San Raton police.

San Raton is a Spanish-speaking region based on the language displayed on police cars, port signage, and cargo.

The San Raton police seem to be militarized. Lucky Harrison calls one of the officers "General." This could refer to the officer's rank or Lucky was using the term facetiously.

At least one aspect of San Raton's legal system is similar to the U.S.: Lucky Harrison denies the police permission to board without a search warrant, which he knows will take authorities some time to arrange; this suggests that San Raton, despite having apparently militarized police, recognizes search warrants rather than giving its police the power to simply barge on board the vessel and search. (That said, the General might have acquiesced to Lucky's demand without argument as he had been instructed to simply fake-chase Jaime anyway, not actually capture her.)

According to a statement that Jaime Sommers makes to Lucky Harrison, it is likely that San Raton is located in South America:

Lucky: You're good. No, no... you're better than good. Listen, I can always use a new dealer here. What about it? I can always use one that's... distracting. You interested? How 'bout it, Miss Windsor?
Jaime: Well, it beats dog-paddling back to South America, Mister Harrison.