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“Sanctuary Earth”

S3 E16

Production 47444
Original Airdate: 11 February 1978
The.Bionic.Woman.S03E16.DVDrip.XviD-SAiNTS.avi 000660920
Jaime saves Aura from drowning
Produced by
Craig Shiller
Written by
Rudolph Morchert
Directed by
Ernest Pintoff
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Christopher Stone as Chris Williams
Helen Hunt as Princess Aura
Special Guest Star(s)
Jim Hager as Verm
Jon Hager as Dier
David Matthau as Belden
Broadcast Order
Season 3
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"The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming" "Deadly Music"

A satellite returns unexpectedly to Earth, and Jaime discovers that a fourteen-year-old girl from another planet is on board.



Oscar: (on increased sunspots activity) Gentlemen, what I'm asking you is - can we expect anything... catastrophic?

Rudy: No.

Oscar: Good! Well, it's always nice to have a little bright optimism for the day.

Chris: But there's no reason to be sure nothing up there will be affected.

Oscar: It was a short day.

Rudy: Institute recall procedures. If we let [the satellite] act on its own, it'll burn up on re-entry. We'll use the southern California landing site.

Chris: Well, you think we should, uh, go take a look ourselves? I'm getting kinda curious.

Rudy: Yeah, I think we should... uh... you wouldn't have any ulterior motives, would you?

Chris: Who, me?

Chris: Jaime? I love your feet.

Jaime: Wait a second. Are you trying to tell me you couldn't speak English until just now?

Aura: Nor any other Earth language.

Aura: Just because something is hard for you to believe, does that mean it's not true?

Aura: (about Max) He's an animal?

Jaime: Well don't tell him that, my goodness, you're gonna hurt his feelings.

Rudy: Get anything?

Chris: Yeah, a headache. (he phone rings, Chris picks up the receiver) Hello?

Oscar: Hi Chris, Oscar.

Chris: Hi Oscar, what's up?

Oscar: I'm calling about what's down, pal.

Jaime: Aura, look at your pendant.

Aura: (gasps) We won!

Jaime: What?

Aura: Zorla won! That's what happened - that's why the Oolooans didn't take us. The war's over - I can go home again!

Jaime: How?

Aura: This stone is very special. It's like a lifeline. My parents gave it to me so no matter where in the universe I was, they could retrieve me once it was safe to come home. They're taking me back there now. I'll make sure that the people of Zorla never forget the debt they owe you and this sanctuary Earth. And I'll never forget you either, Jaime. You taught me so much. You're far more evolved than we thought. Maybe we'll meet again someday. Goodbye, Jaime. I'll miss you.

Jaime: I'll miss you too, little one.


  • Helen Hunt has gone on to be a multiple award winning actress, including four Emmys, four Golden Globes, a Blockbuster Award, two Screen Actors Guild awards, four American Comedy Awards, three Viewers for Quality Television Awards and an Oscar. Her Emmys are for playing a character named, ironically, Jamie (albeit spelled differently).


  • One would think that the greatest scientific minds of the time would've remembered to bring more than one pair of binoculars when searching for the satellite.
  • When Jaime Sommers is looking through the binoculars, she has to make absolutely no effort at all to find the landing satellite, nor does she have to make any adjustments to the binocular settings, such as focus etc.
  • When the two aliens make the satellite fly out of the lake you can briefly see the wires attached to it.

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