Sandy duncan
Sandy Duncan
Born January 20, 1946
SMDM  Gillian in "The Return of Bigfoot"
BW  Gillian in "The Return of Bigfoot (Part II)"
Reunion  none
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Sandy Duncan (b. 1946) is a stage and screen actress who has been nominated for Tony, Golden Globe and Emmy awards. After first receiving postiive notices for her work at the start of the 1970s, she rose to mainstream popularity as the star of the sitcom Funny Face, which was later renamed The Sandy Duncan Show as an acknowledgement of her popularity. She also won notices (and an Emmy nomination) for her work in the groundbreaking miniseries, Roots, and she was also involved in several early productions featuring the popular children's character Barney the Dinosaur. After a period of performing mostly on the stage (most notably playing the lead role in a revival of Peter Pan), Duncan returned to TV stardom in the late 80s-early 90s when she took over the lead role on the sitcom Valerie, replacing Valerie Harper; the series was retitled The Hogan Family.

A longstanding misconception is that Duncan has a glass eye; the myth has grown to the point where a punk rock band named itself Sandy Duncan's Glass Eye and it was referenced in the TV series Family Guy. In a 2009 interview with the Pittsburgh Examiner, Duncan admitted being amused by the urban legend, but clarified that while a surgery to remove a tumor in the early 1970s left her blind in that eye, it is her own.[1]


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