Character played by: Stefanie Powers
Job/Career or Title Alien Scientist
SMDM  The Secret of Bigfoot
The Secret of Bigfoot (Part II)
The Return of Bigfoot
BW  The Return of Bigfoot (Part II)
Reunion  none

Played by Stefanie Powers

Shalon is a member of a group of space travelers who came to Earth in the early 18th Century. She is a scientist specializing in "Niosynthenics," an advanced form of Bionics, and is the creator of the Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot. She is fascinated by Steve Austin, in part due to his Bionics falling within her specialty.

When Steve is suffering from fatal radiation exposure (The Return of Bigfoot), she gives up her dose of Neotraxin 3, an "electrolytic neuroprobosis" so that Steve may live. In so doing, her health deteriorates to the point of death, at which point she is frozen in time to await more extraordinary treatment upon the return of the aliens' spacecraft.


  • In the DVD commentary, Kenneth Johnson indicates that Shalon's name was inspired by Chalon Road in Los Angeles. He recalled that he often saw the highway sign for Chalon Road during his commute and made the decision to use that name in a script.  Johnson also noted that the sign has since been replaced by a sign for Getty Center Drive.
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