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“Sharks (Part II)”

S5 E2

Production 47307
Original Airdate: 18 September 1977
Steve and Grayson have a frank discussion
Produced by
Fred Freiberger
Teleplay by
Fred Freiberger
Story by
Arthur Weingarten
Directed by
Alan J. Levi
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Pamela Hensley as Cynthia Grayland
Gregory Walcott as Alex Parker
William Sylvester as Admiral Prescott
Special Guest Star(s)
Stephen Elliott as Morgan Grayland
John de Lancie as Diver
Marc Alaimo as Williams
Larry Delaney as Ed
Michael Horseley as Radioman
Tim Haldeman as Hydraphone Operator
Broadcast Order
Season 5
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"Sharks" "Deadly Countdown"

A nuclear submarine is commandeered for the purpose of piracy and extortion. Steve investigates and is captured. To escape he must eluded trained sharks.




Oscar: There's got to be another way. When I was in underwater demolition during World War II we had to block a harbor entrance quickly. We used the NPB427s.

Josh Prescott: Magnetic picket mines? Oscar, you may have just come up with something.

Parker: I probably won't be needing the sharks anymore. Although if you were a different kind of woman you could come with us and use them in an emergency.

Cynthia: I'd agree if you were the emergency.

Josh Prescott: I don't believe it.

Oscar: Of course not, because you don't really know Steve Austin.


  • Carey Holland, a ninth grade algebra teacher at Ormond Junior High in Ormond Beach, FL, served as one of the stuntmen who wrestled the sharks in this episode. He was the former mayor of Bunnell, FL. Some of the stunt scenes were filmed at Silver Springs in Ocala, FL.[citation needed]