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"Sweet Jaime" is both a song performed by Lee Majors, and an instrumental version that was written for the two-part introductory "Bionic Woman" episodes by series composer Oliver Nelson with lyrics by Lionel E. Siegel. The song is heard twice, first during a scene involving Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers rekindling their relationship, and again at the end of Part 2 as Steve mourns her apparent death. A better-sung version of the song appears twice [1] [2] in both episodes of The Return of the Bionic Woman, .

The instrumental version of "Sweet Jaime" is also heard for Jaime's later SMDM appearances, and early episodes of The Bionic Woman (such as "The Deadly Missiles" and "Jaime's Mother"). Elements of the "Six Million Dollar Man Theme" by Oliver Nelson are heard as a counter-melody in this song.

Lyrics to "Sweet Jaime"[]

Written by: Lionel E. Siegel
Music by: Oliver Nelson
Performed by: Lee Majors
Appeared in: The Bionic Woman (episode), The Return of the Bionic Woman

It's been fun, lots of laughs, Jaime.
It always is when friends meet again.
But lately it's gone flat for me, Jaime.
I don't like seeing you, now and then.
Our friendship is finished. That's true.
But there's hope, a way to make it through.
Because, sweet Jaime, I love you.
I never want to say goodbye to you.
Sweet Jaime, I'll love you forever.
I know we'll never part.
I love you like I've loved no other.
Make room for me in your heart.