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“Target: Steve Austin”

S5 E10

Production 47309
Original Airdate: 27 November 1977
Steve and Joan are briefed on their mission
Written by
Donald Gold
Lester William Berke
Directed by
Edward M. Abroms
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Lynette Mettey as Joan 1/Joan 2
Quinn Redeker as Frank Tracey
Curt Lowens as Hellerman
Ian Abercrombie as 2nd Man in Van
Carl Reindel as Jensen
Paula Victor as Jessica
Boris Aplon as Alfred
Larry Levine as Van Driver
Broadcast Order
Season 5
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"Dark Side of the Moon (Part II)" "The Cheshire Project"


Steve and Joan, an O.S.I. agent, pose as a couple honeymooning in their motor home. The vehicle actually contains a top-secret nuclear power unit to be delivered to a test station in the Southwest. The O.S.I., knowing that a mysterious group is aware of the cargo and will stop at nothing in its search for an A-bomb, gives Steve and Joan a simple directive: don't fail.



  • This episode shows an OSI lab that is very similar to the ones shown in James Bond films. Lab workers are seen testing and working on a variety of devices, including an exotic sports car.
  • This episode shares similar plot elements with Season One's "Day of the Robot" wherein Steve has to travel cross-country, his companion is replaced with a duplicate, and Steve has to outwit a helicopter.
  • This episode uses Universal Studios' famous "collapsing bridge" studio tour device, though the approach road is different than what the studio tour tram uses.



For all of Joan's prowess, her skills ultimately contributed nothing to the story. Her martial arts skills only came into play off camera to stop some bikers, and played no role in the mission to which she was assigned.

When Steve is being chased by the helicopter, you can clearly see a camera crew on the right side of the screen.