Character played by: Christian Juttner
Baseball boys.jpg
Job/Career or Title Student, Ventura Air Force Base School
SMDM  none
BW  Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II);
A Thing of the Past;
The Deadly Missiles
Reunion  none

Teddy is one of Jaime Sommers' students at the Ventura Air Force Base. He is often a helpful and considerate student. Teddy willingly stayed after class to clean a tub that would be used when dunking for apples at the weekend fair, and even saved an apple to give to his teacher when she wasn't able to attend.

However, on the day that Jaime is taking her students on a field trip to have a picnic at the local park, she notices that Teddy has a wet spot on his shirt pocket as he is climbing into the school bus. She immediately asks for and receives the water gun, which he had filled with ice water.

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