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Terrence Quinn
Over the Hill Spy - Terrence Quinn
Played by Richard Erdman
BW Over the Hill Spy

Terrence Quinn is born in 1909. He is a most competent secret agent of the OSI in his good old days.

In 1967, Quinn meets Russian agent Boris Slotsky for the last time. The next meeting will be ten years away in 1977.

What happens is that the team of Slotsky steals the cipher chip from the International Code of the US in 1977. With it, Slotsky can decode every message that the OSI has transmitted in the preceding six months, including the identification of some of the OSI's top secret agents. The lives of at least 20 secret agents are being at risk.

Slotsky will meet a Russian courier at the Hotel Terranova to deliver the chip. However, no one but Quinn can identify Slotsky.

Oscar thus has to convince Quinn to work with Jaime Sommers to identify his Russian counterpart. The condition put forward by Quinn is a ten-year agent contract at full pay.

Quinn and Jaime do retrieve the cipher chip, therefore saving the lives of at least 20 secret agents. However, out of sentimental compassion, Quinn releases Slotsky.