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“The Bionic Badge”

S3 E20

Production 43032
Original Airdate: February 22, 1976
Produced by
Kenneth Johnson
Teleplay by
Wilton Denmark
Directed by
Cliff Bole
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Noah Beery as Greg Banner
Alan Bergmann as Mister Burman
Thomas Bellin as Gerry Martin
Stack Pierce as Officer Randolph
Susan Gay Powell as Cindy Walker
Howard McGillin as 2nd Young Man
Mike Santiago as Officer Clint
Broadcast Order
Season 3
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"Love Song for Tanya" "Big Brother"


Officer Greg Banner, an aging policeman, becomes a suspect when a series of thefts of atomic components occur on his beat, and it appears that he makes no effort to stop the robberies. Steve dons a policeman's uniform and becomes Banner's partner. Banner's strange actions during their nightly patrols lead Steve to believe there is something wrong with his partner's health. Meanwhile, time is running out before the atomic bomb can be assembled.



Steve: You sick or something?
Banner: What makes you think that?
Steve: Well, we've been on the street for nearly an hour and I haven't heard one war story.

Banner: Steve, I wasn't shooting at you.
Steve: Well that shotgun sure didn't go off by itself.

Steve: Follow that car. Police emergency. Yeah, just like in the movies.

Steve: What if Banner had a disorder he wanted kept secret?
Oscar: No good, Steve. I've checked his health records personally. There's nothing that indicates or hints of any disorder.
Steve: Records don't always tell it like it is, Oscar. You should know that better than anybody.


  • Steve adopts the pseudonym "Steve Amory" in this episode.
  • In season two of The Bionic Woman, Jaime Sommers also goes undercover as a cop in "Jaime's Shield."
  • The warehouse used in this episode is also used in "Jaime's Shield."
  • When Steve is running to subdue the bomb at the end of the episode, there is a pulsing effect added to the slow-motion.
  • Noah Beery appeared as Tom Molson in the first season's final episode Run, Steve, Run
  • Susan Gay Powell and Stack Pierce both appeared in the episode Little Orphan Airplane


  • Steve uses a handkerchief to disguise his voice while on the phone with Walker, but no alteration to his voice can be detected.
  • It's highly implausible that Steve could go undercover to infiltrate a police department without someone recognizing him because of his profile as an astronaut and national hero.