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“The Bionic Dog (Part II)”

S3 E2

Production 47419
Original Airdate: 17 September 1977
The.Bionic.Woman.S03E02.DVDrip.XviD-SAiNTS.avi 000388920
Roger receives an unexpected visitor
Produced by
James D. Parriott
Teleplay by
James D. Parriott
Story by
Harve Bennett
James D. Parriott
Directed by
Barry Crane
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Dale Robinette as Roger Grette
Ford Rainey as Jim Elgin
Lee Jones-De Broux as Bill Tyler
Will Hare as Harley
Al Hansen as Trucker
Jack Garner as County Sheriff
Jason Johnson as Old Man
Broadcast Order
Season 3
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"The Bionic Dog" "Fembots in Las Vegas"
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The Bionic Dog

When Max, the world's first bionic dog, runs off in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Jaime and an old flame follow him into a raging forest fire.




Roger: Can I get you a cup of coffee, or something?

Jaime: Oh yeah, I'd love some. Would you mind putting just a -

Roger: (holds up his hand) Teaspoon of cocoa in it?

Jaime: Yeah. You remembered.

Jaime: Fire! That's what it is; that's what it's been all this time!

Roger: I don't understand.

Jaime: Max was caught in a lab fire when he was a little puppy, and that's what's making him so crazy all the time, is his fear of fire. I mean, you saw - the... the flames from the steaks made him run.

Roger: And... uh... he's been making you run.

Jaime: What?

Roger: I know about the APB. They called; they said that Max was dangerous, and that if he attacked, to shoot to kill.

Harley: (taking aim at Max) Got ya, you blood sucker!

Roger: (conversing on CB) Look my girl is out there in the middle of it. Willy, I got to go get her.

Tyler: You'll do more to help her where you are.

Roger: Look I don't see it that way... I lost her one time, and I'm not about to lose her again.

Jaime: Max attacked me, and got my arm...

Roger: (stunned at the wires in her arm) Jaime!

Jaime: (realizing what he's seen) Oh, I'm sorry, Roger. I... I didn't want you to see this. Not all of me is like this, y'know... just... parts...

Roger: Well, what is it?

Jaime: It's bionics; I'll tell you about it later.

Roger: Max, too?

Jaime: Yeah. When he was running away from me, he... uh... apparently, when they shot him, it caused a short circuit in his jaw, and... uh... I guess the electricity's been affecting his mind. So I jerked on a couple of wires when he jumped on me... I guess that did it.

Roger: Everything seems to be okay. (tries pulling the deadman switch) Argh... I spoke too soon - the deadman's stuck.

Jaime: That's an encouraging name. What is it?

Roger: You have to... uh... hold it back while the train's going, or it comes to a stop. It was in case... uh...

Jaime: In case the engineer turned into a dead man? Here, lemme try. (pulls the deadman switch) There you go. See, it's easy. You'd be surprised what else I can do.

Roger: I'm afraid to ask!

Roger: C'mon... c'mon!

Jaime: What's wrong?

Roger: We're pushing too much weight.

Jaime: Well, maybe it just needs a little help, huh?

Roger: Like another locomotive! (Jaime hops out of the cab) Where're you going?

Jaime: Open the throttle! (pushes the train until it gets going)

Roger: Can I ask how you did that?

Jaime: No.

Rudy: (Max is licking Jaime's face) Max, I'm sure your licks are beneficial, but the oxygen will do her more good.

Jaime: Rudy, what's gonna happen to Max now, huh?

Rudy: Well, I guess I'll become a dog shrink and I'll try to help Max overcome his fear of fire.

Jaime: Not in the lab, huh?

Rudy: Not in the lab.

Roger: But where will you keep him, eh, after he's gotten over it?

Oscar: We're not sure, we might give him to Jaime.

Roger: Or a certain forest ranger captain?

Jaime: (smiles) That's a good idea. Except I get visiting privileges, you know

Roger: That's the idea.

Oscar: We'll consider it. But the final decision is up to Max.


  • Jaime takes her coffee with a teaspoon of cocoa, and has for many years.


  • Jaime was capable of pushing the Steam engine train to help get it moving. As There were three whole train cars, this would be the greatest feat of strength shown in either television show. While she wasn’t doing it all her own, as the engine was slowly getting started, this still is an incredible feat of raw bionic strength.


  • After Jaime Sommers and Max get off the truck they were hitchhiking in, they start running through the Sierra Nevada mountain range. There are two things that are a bit odd about this sequence, though. First, when Jaime is "running", Max is simply trotting beside her, which, when slowed down for the usual bionic running effect, looks pretty silly. Secondly, when they switch to showing Max really running, he is running on pavement, not grass like he should be.
  • When Max attacks Jaime, there is a brief close-up of his face, and it appears that the wires from his shot-up jaw are on the left side of his face, rather than the right side, which had previously been established.

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