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After having been cancelled by ABC at the end of its second season, The Bionic Woman's final season would run for 22 episodes on NBC from the fall of 1977 to the spring of 1978, bringing many new changes, and finally closure.

Returning from Season Two would be Richard Anderson and Martin E. Brooks while Lee Majors would not appear. Anderson and Brooks became the first (and, as of 2014, only) actors in American TV history to appear as the same characters on two separate prime-time series airing on competing networks. Majors, however, was not afforded the luxury, although Steve Austin would still be referenced in dialogue, such as in "The Bionic Dog".

Ford Rainey would return as Steve Austin's stepdad and Jaime's foster dad Jim Elgin. Also returning would be the fembots, Mark Russell and Oscar's secretary Callahan (however, Jennifer Darling would make no Season 5 appearances in The Six Million Dollar Man making Callahan exclusive to The Bionic Woman on NBC). Season 3 would introduce a recurring romantic interest for Jaime, Chris Williams, and a new companion, Maximillian, The Bionic Dog.

Kenneth Johnson would no longer directly produce, taking the role of Supervising Producer, but no single producer would replace him. The new producing roster would include James D. Parriott, Arthur Rowe, Nancy Malone, Ralph Sariego and others.

Season Three would explore new areas for the show, with yet more science fiction elements introduced. NBC did not elect to pick up the show for another season, and so The Bionic Woman was coming to a close. Unlike The Six Million Dollar Man, which ended unceremoniously a few months earlier, The Bionic Woman ends with a Prisoner-like narrative where Jaime's intent to resign is met with an OSI decision to place her in a "community" of retired agents, rather than allow her to leave- causing Oscar to abet her flight rather than allow such a fate to befall her.



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