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This graphic appeared on both versions of the lunchbox

The Bionic Woman Aladdin lunchboxes were manufactured in 1977 and 1978 by Aladdin Industries. In the United States, both versions had an embossed steel box and a matching plastic Thermos. Like Aladdin's Six Million Dollar Man lunchboxes, both versions featuring Jaime Sommers were designed by prolific Aladdin artist, Elmer Lehnhardt.[1]

Unlike the Steve Austin lunchboxes, however, both Jaime Sommers versions had the same front (or, more accurately, top) graphic, with the distinction between 1977 and 1978 being the back and sides.

Distinguishing characteristics[]

Since the two versions of the lunchbox have identical front graphics and Thermoses, the differences between them are perhaps less pronounced than on the Six Million Dollar Man lunchboxes. Nevertheless, there are a few clues to look for when assessing the year of the box.

If there was a theme to the 1977 lunchbox it was "Welcome Home, Jaime". Most of the images are ones suggested by that story (and the flashbacks it contained to earlier episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man featuring Jaime). While the scene on the back did not literally occur in "Welcome Home", it's reminiscent of a scene in Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II), where Jaime has to stop a car with her feet.

By contrast, the theme of the 1978 box is Maximillian.[2] He appears not only on the back, but also on at least one side, of the box.

These images should help to make the distinction clear:

Further Reading[]

Additional information about the Bionic Woman lunchboxes can be found on page 34 of Carol Bess White and L.M. White's book, Collector's Guide to Lunchboxes: Metal, Vinyl, Plastic: Identification & Values (Collector Books, 2000).


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