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The Bionic Woman Annual 1977 was a hardcover book for children published in the UK in 1976. Originally retailed for £1.25.

As with other annuals of the period, the book contains a mixture of original comic strips, short stories, and activities for younger readers:

  • The Bionic Woman (single-page comic; recaps Jamie's origin)
  • Kidnapper's Strike (comic)
  • Lindsay Wagner - Alias The Bionic Woman (actress profile)
  • The Bionic Woman (illustrated guide to her powers)
  • Hijack! (short story featuring Jaime Sommers)
  • Anything You Can Do... (photos of Lindsay Wagner lifting a mini-cooper and asking the question how does she do it)
  • Bionics - Yesterday's Dreams ... Tomorrow's Realities (story on real life bionics)
  • Race Against Time (board game)
  • The Heavy Mob (comic)
  • The Bionic Woman Quiz
  • Richard Anderson - Alias Oscar Goldman (actor profile) [may not be included in all editions]
  • O.S.I. Base Maze (game)
  • The Big Payoff (short story featuring Jaime Sommers)
  • Pictures to Paint
  • Seeing is Believing (article on how special effects are used to create Jamie's bionic feats on TV)
  • Anything You Can Do ... how it's done (reveals the mini-cooper featured earlier in the book was lifted by an hydraulic jack)
  • Secret of the Mountains (comic)

Interspersed are several full page photos of Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers. Some of the comic art is based upon publicity photos of Lindsay Wagner taken during a UK promotional visit, such as her "lifting" a mini-Cooper - with the original photos of that event also included in the book. The comic strip recap of her origin story omits any Steve Austin; in fact it implies that Oscar Goldman was a friend who arranged for her to be rebuilt (Oscar is the only other regular character featured in the comics and stories). A photo of Lee Majors as Austin is included in the biography of Wagner, however.