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The Company is a mysterious criminal organization featured in the third and final The Six Million Dollar Man pilot telefilm, The Solid Gold Kidnapping. The organization's base is located aboard a large cargo ship, the Hawaiian Legislator, which allows it and its members to travel undetected around the world.


The Company's secret boardroom

Hawaiin Legislator

Steve slips aboard the Hawaiian Legislator

The organization bears some similarities to SPECTRE, the criminal organization featured in the James Bond novels and movies, in that it is run by a single, shadowy leader who assigns underlings to carry out various missions. And, like SPECTRE, the organization's apparent motive for its actions is making profit.

The leader of The Company (played by Maurice Evans) is never identified by name, but is an urbane, sophisticated elderly English gentleman who is seen accompanied by a beautiful blonde assistant. His minions include Julian Peck and Roger Ventriss, who enter into rivalry over the planning of a kidnapping operation, leading to Peck murdering Ventriss. Peck is also shown to be manipulating the Contessa de Rojas though it's unclear as to whether she knows of The Company.

The Solid Gold Kidnapping features The Company as the driving force behind the kidnappings of US Ambassador Scott, who is rescued by Steve Austin at the start of the film (an action that draws the interest of Peck), and diplomat William Henry Cameron for which The Company demands $1 billion in gold. The OSI sends Austin on a mission to track down Cameron's kidnappers while it prepares to pay the ransom as a last resort. Using its own base ship as a decoy, The Company manages to switch out 66 crates of gold from under the OSI's nose. And despite the ransom being paid, the organization plans to give Cameron away to an enemy power instead (presumably Russia).

After Peck is apprehended, Dr. Erica Bergner's risky experiment in implanting the memories of the late Roger Ventriss into her own mind pays off when she's able to identify the ship that serves as The Company's headquarters. Austin infiltrates the ship, rescues Cameron, and knocks The Chairman unconscious.

The Company appeared only in this telefilm and was never featured in the series, suggesting it may have been disbanded after its defeat here.