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“The Ghostly Teletype”

S4 E22

Production 45128
Original Airdate: May 15, 1977
Episode Collage
Produced by
Allan Balter
Teleplay by
Wilton Schiller
Directed by
Tom Connors
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Larry Anderson as Murdoch
Christina Hart as Margaret Wagner
Les Lannom as Davey Wagner
Robert H. Harris as Dr. Brenner
Jodean Lawrence as Madam Marka
Elizabeth Kerr as Mrs. Wagner
Zitto Kazann as Jack
Linda Dano as Angela
Steve Drexel as Chemist
Broadcast Order
Season 4
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"To Catch the Eagle" "Sharks"


While Steve is doing research on extending the human life span, a formula he is reading mysteriously disappears from the page. He is accused of stealing the formula, and threatened with arrest for espionage. To prove his innocence, Steve investigates and finds that a pair of twins who age twice as rapidly as normal people do have telepathically stolen the formula to extend their lives.



Steve: I thought you said you were close.

Dr. Brenner: Colonel Austin, you're a man of action. You're used to results now.

Madame Marka: Forgive me for the halo trick. Its unfortunate that the real thing is rarely impressive and I occasionally resort to phony trappings to impress those that find things like, hmph, auras necessary.

Steve: Why didn't you just offer your help to Dr. Brenner?

Davey: Because in this country the prejudice against experiments involving human beings is almost insurmountable.

Margaret: Brenner uses animals in his experiments. That is why it will take fifty years to produce results.

Steve: You'll use humans.

Davey: Not here but there are countries where we will be permitted to experiment using human beings. Five thousand, ten thousand subjects, the number is almost limitless. And in two or three years the work will be complete.

Steve: What about the ten thousand victims of your experiments?

Davey: I'm afraid that's sentimental nonsense Colonel Austin. Thats the kind of thinking that's held up scientific progress for hundreds of years.


  • This episode, the finale of Season 4, didn't actually air until more than two months after the broadcast of the previous episode.
  • After "To Catch the Eagle", this is the only other episode of Season 4 in which Steve doesn't have his infamous mustache.
  • The price of a chili dog in this 1977 episode is $.65 .