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“The Most Dangerous Enemy”

S4 E4

Production 45105
Original Airdate: October 17, 1976
Dangerous enemy1
Rudy lies in wait
Written by
Judy Burns
Directed by
Richard Moder
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Ina Balin as Cheryl Osborne
Broadcast Order
Season 4
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"Double Trouble" "H+2+O = Death"


Steve Austin and Dr. Rudy Wells fly to Dove Island, a desolate research facility, where scientist Cheryl Osborne has been working in total solitude for two years. Osborne has been trying to perfect a drug which might turn an average person into a genius, using a chimp as her subject. But when Steve and Rudy reach the island, Cheryl is missing and her laboratory has been destroyed. As the two men search through the rubble, Rudy is attacked and bitten by a powerful, crazed chimp, which then flees into the jungle. Within hours, Rudy becomes a psychotic paranoid superman, who believes Steve and Cheryl are plotting against him.


Steve Austin: This uh, this may sting a little, doc.
Rudy Wells: Hey, that's my line!

Steve: Rudy, my legs, I can't move them.
Rudy: It's just temporary. I used negative polarization to jam the servo mechanisms in your legs. I made you and only I know how to stop you.

Oscar Goldman: (to chimpanzee) You ever consider government service, Billy?


  • Oscar talks to the Secretary on the phone.
  • Oscar's offscreen secretary is Sally. He mentions her by name and she is heard over the phone.
  • Steve uses the code name "Sea Shell" to radio back to the ship from the island.
  • Farrah Fawcett, Lee Majors's then-wife, makes her final appearance on the show, by way of a cameo in a magazine that Steve and Oscar look through. Farrah guest starred two weeks earlier as Kelly Woods in "Nightmare in the Sky."
  • Steve & Rudy fly to Dove Island in a Hughes 500 helicopter. It has a red & white with black piping livery pattern. The only other markings are the helicopters Registration N number & model number.


  • The metal coil that Rudy uses to bind Steve's legs later changes to rope when it is used to save Rudy from the quicksand.
  • It is curious as to why Rudy wears a suit & tie to the island. Why didn't he wear something more appropriate for the climate or at least leave the suit jacket & tie, at the helicopter?