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“The Night Demon”

S2 E20

Production 45441
Original Airdate: 23 March 1977
TND - bearclaw and jaime
Produced by
Kenneth Johnson
Written by
Justin Edgerton
Directed by
Alan J. Levi
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Jeff Corey as Thomas Bearclaw
John Quade as Hawkins
Special Guest Star(s)
Gary Lockwood as Lyle Cannon
Howard McGillin as Sgt. Don Woods
J. Jay Saunders as Capt. Anders
Broadcast Order
Season 2
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"The DeJon Caper" "Iron Ships and Dead Men"

When a sacred Indian burial ground is disturbed, an ancient curse releases a demon creature to exact revenge -- just as Jaime Sommers arrives for a little R&R.



Sommers visits an old friend in The Night Demon.


Massau, 'The Night Demon' archaeological find


Hawkins: You eh, one of them, eh, Vegas showgirls?

Jaime: Huh?

Hawkins: You're purdey enough for it!

Hawkins (to Jaime): I got me a big ole sidewinder. You wanna see it?

Jaime: (startled) Ah, some other time, thank you.

Bearclaw: "In early tribal mythology, First Man created the Universe. In his concept, the ideal state, was that in which all parts, each with its power for Good and Evil, are maintained in inter-related harmony. The balance is precarious at best but maybe upset intentionally by ghosts, witches and people who do evil. Or unintentionally by persons who break some religious taboo.

Jaime: Well how does he fit into the scheme?

Bearclaw: He [Massau] is a satanic figure with slight variations. His Good is that he protects the rest of the Dead. His bad is that when once aroused, he...

Jaime: Kinda does his own thing?

Bearclaw: Sort of.



  • When Jaime Sommers is snooping around Lyle Cannon's workshop, she comes across a rather conveniently located Geiger counter and starts sweeping around, looking for something. Jaime is surprised when she sweeps it by her shoes and the counter picks up some radioactivity. The big problem with that is that her bionics are powered by a radioactive atomic power unit, so chances are pretty good that that is what the Geiger counter is picking up.