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“The Price of Liberty”

S3 E3

Production 43018
Original Airdate: September 28, 1975
S03E03.-.Erpresserische.Rache.avi 002113440
Working against time
Produced by
Kenneth Johnson
Teleplay by
Kenneth Johnson
Story by
Justin Edgerton & Kenneth Johnson
Directed by
Richard Moder
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Chuck Connors as Nils Lindstrom
Sandy Ward as Doug Witherspoon
Henry Beckman as Robert Meyer
Scott B. Wells as Man
Bill Quinn as Tom
George Jordan as Bill
Joe Brooks as Doorman
Broadcast Order
Season 3
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"The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part II)" "The Song and Dance Spy"


Scientist and explosives-expert Robert Meyer has been jobless since a cutback in the space program and feels the country has let him down. His scheme is to ransom the Liberty Bell for five million dollars and safe passage out of the United States. Steve locates the Bell, which has been wired with a highly sophisticated explosive device, requiring an expert to defuse it. In a race against time, Steve and Oscar are compelled to call upon the expertise of an explosives specialist, Nils Lindstrom, who is serving time in prison.


Doorman: Morning, Colonel Austin.
Steve: Mornin'
Doorman: You're up awfully early for Sunday.
Steve: Well, I got a speech to write this morning. The way I write 'em, I gotta get an early start, you know?

Meyer: The American dream was like a beautiful balloon, Mr. Austin, but balloons have a way of bursting in your face and then there's nothing left but air.

Steve: Lindstrom? I need your help.
Lindstrom: That a fact?
Steve: Robert Meyer created a timebomb that's gonna destroy the Liberty Bell in less than five hours.
Lindstrom: I heard. Ain't that a shame?
Steve Austin: You're the one man that might be able to defuse that bomb.
Lindstrom: (chuckles) And I ain't interested.

Steve: Look, Lindstrom, there's a job to be done. If you wanna tackle it, fine. If you don't, I'll put you right back in the can.
Lindstrom: All right. But under one condition: if I'm gonna get myself blown up, you are gonna be in there with me.
Steve: Where else do you think I'd be?

Lindstrom: (to Steve) If you don't make it, they'll be picking us up with a sponge.

Lindstrom: You know, maybe Meyer had the right idea putting America over a barrel. This country's given some people a raw deal.
Steve: Well, some people have given this country a raw deal. Nothing's perfect, Nils, this country's basically what we make it, nothing better, nothing worse.

Doug: Swedish, huh? You know, the first time this bell was cracked in 1752, it was recast in Philadelphia by a man named Sven Bergman. He just arrived from Stockholm.
Lindstrom: Now look, I'm not interested in your nickel and dime philosophy or history lessons. Man, you must bore that kid o' yours stiff.
Doug: Yeah, that I did... but not anymore, I lost him in Korea.

Lindstrom: I don't understand you. With your strength and speed, you could have just beat it out of here, saved your own tail.
Steve: I wouldn't expect you to understand.


  • When Steve hurls the wrench at the car wheel, a unique sound effect is heard that differs from the "bombs away" throwing sound.



  • When we first see the ransom money it appears to be real $1000 dollar bills bound with bands. Later, during Mayer's heart attack, the bills appear to be "prop" money, now unbound, which fall freely out of the suitcase.


  • Steve offers Lindstrom a "full Congressional pardon." Presumably, Oscar Goldman had worked out the deal with the President and the Attorney General in the 30 minutes it took Steve to reach Linstrom — because Steve does not have that authority.
  • The Liberty Bell prop is not an exact replica of the real bell.
  • The area surrounding the hall and beyond bears no similarity to what is depicted in this episode; the terrain is entirely Californian.
  • History is altered for dramatic purposes as Doug says a man named Sven Bergman from Stockholm recast the Liberty Bell after it first cracked in 1752. In fact, two Philadelphia foundry workers named John Pass and John Stow recast the bell in 1753.
  • When the bomb explodes in the air above the truck, it is trailing a cord which is not seen inside the truck when Steve picks it up.