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The original Series Title, first seen in "Population: Zero"

After The Solid Gold Kidnapping, production immediately began on the first season of the regular weekly series. A mid-season replacement, Season One ran for 13 episodes in the spring of 1974, introducing much of what would become the show’s trademark mix of action, intrigue, science fiction, and a dash of tragedy for our leading man, set apart by his uniqueness. Returning from the telefilms would be Lee Majors, Richard Anderson and Alan Oppenheimer, whose Rudy Wells would be reduced to a single guest appearance for Season One. Replacing Glen A. Larson as Exec. Producer would be showrunner Harve Bennett, while producer Michael Gleason would be replaced by the producing team of Sam Strangis and Donald R. Boyle. Jazz composer Oliver Nelson would establish the musical character of the weekly series, and his theme for the show would become an instantly recognizable classic. Recurring characters introduced include Dr. Dolenz, Irina Leonova, the Hopper twins, and Helen Elgin, Steve’s mom. Another recurring character introduced was astronaut Major Kelly Woods, played by Majors' wife and soon-to-be-superstar Farrah Fawcett-Majors, who would not only return in the fourth season to reprise the role of Kelly, but in the interim guest star in seasons 2 and 3 playing different characters.

Season One would establish the now-legendary show intro, standardize on the slow-motion presentation of bionics, the effects used for Steve’s eye, and introduce many of the sounds later used for Steve’s bionic strength. It also introduced lifelike androids as adversaries, which would become a staple for both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

Steve's character would return to the more sensitive character audiences recalled from the first telefilm, after a detour into James Bond emulation for the Suspense Movies. Oscar Goldman would also lose some of his manipulative aspects and gain some warmth for his pal Steve.


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