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The Six Million Dollar Man Game Cover, Canadian edition


The Six Million Dollar Man Game Description


The Six Million Dollar Man Gameboard


The Six Million Dollar Man Game, Canadian edition


Lee Majors and his young opponent enjoying the game

The Six Million Dollar Man was a 1975 board game by Parker Brothers in the US and Canada. It was a 2-4 player game suited for children of ages 7 to 14.

Original Board Game Description[]

Four bionic men each claim to have Steve Austin's powers. Your job is to prove that YOU ARE THE REAL SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. The Computer Spinner reads out your moves and gives you the power to handle assignments for NASA, INTERPOL, the CIA and the Defense Department. You'll take part in dangerous missions - encountering imposters and waging Bionic Battles. Each assignment will make you stronger. And the stronger you become the faster you'll move around the board and back to the Bionic Research Lab where you'll win the game.

Game Contents[]

  • The Six Million Dollar Man gameboard
  • playing cards
  • playing pieces
  • plastic clips and instructions (on inside insert)
  • Computer Spinner

Foreign Editions[]

  • The Canadian edition of the game had bilingual instructions in English and French. These were not on the inside insert but on a separate piece of paper.

Game Instructions[]