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The Six Million Dollar Man was one of the longest-running strips in the British anthology comics magazine, Look-in, surpassed by only a few "home-grown" strips like The Tomorrow People and Benny Hill.[1] As the home of adaptations of mostly ITV programs, the weekly Look-in was the natural location for a Six Million Dollar Man comic strip in the United Kingdom.


The first Look-in with a Six Million Dollar Man comic strip

The strip replaced one devoted to another American show, Kung Fu, in the 21 June 1975 issue. It ended its run in the 24 March 1979 issue, giving way to Dick Turpin. [2]

Like many British comics, Look-in was a mixture of monochromatic and color pages, with the color pages being assigned to the more "prestigious" strips. The Six Million Dollar Man enjoyed color treatment for the bulk of its run. The strip also had unusual stability in its creative team. Every story was written by Angus P. Allen and drawn by Martin Asbury.[2]

The strip featured the television characters of Steve and Oscar, but was disinclined to include Rudy in its short segments. They also re-introduced the OSO as the organization for which Steve and Oscar worked.

As was the norm in British comics of the era, stories would stretch over the course of several months, with only between 2 and 4 pages an issue devoted to any one property. Thus, while The Six Million Dollar Man's run was impressive against other strips carried by the magazine, the total amount of comic material generated by Look-in was roughly on a par with the total output of the short-lived Charlton comic book and magazine combined.

The week after The Bionic Woman ended in May 1979, Steve Austin returned alongside Jaime Sommers for a six-month stint in a crossover strip called Bionic Action.[2]


Some installments of this comic are available for online reading.