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The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1977 was a hardcover book aimed at young readers published in the UK in 1976.

In Great Britain it has been traditional for many years for popular comic strips, movies and TV shows to be the subject of "annuals", books for children published once a year featuring a mixture of short stories, comic stirps, non-fiction articles and activities. The Six Million Dollar Man was the one of many licensed properties to get this treatment. The 1977 edition was published by Stafford Pembeton of Cheshire, but actually printed in Italy. Distribution of annuals outside the UK has always been erratic, making this book something of a collectable outside Britain.

The book contains a mixture of color comic strips, short stories, games, non fiction, and a a short biographical feature (with color photographs) on Lee Majors. Unlike many annuals of the time (such as those produced based upon Doctor Who) which mixed single-color or black and white pages with the occasional full-color insert, all pages in the book are full color (with standard "four color" used in the comic strips).

Given the fact the book was aimed at young readers, some of the stories are surprisingly violent, almost in keeping with Martin Caidin's version of the character. For example, in the short story "Trouble Waters", Austin kills a villain by throwing a hand grenade at him and the man's "mangled body" is mentioned afterward.

The cover of the book (which is duplicated as the back cover) includes a photograph of Steve Austin holding a rifle inside a graphic simulating a gunsight, with four art graphics of Austin running along the top.


  1. The Best of Friends (short story)
  2. A Broken Promise (comic strip)
  3. Codes (non-fiction, non-SMDM article on cryptography)
  4. No Oil Painting (short story)
  5. Bionic Eye (photography feature showing everyday objects in extreme close-up; try to guess what it is)
  6. Mistaken Loyalty (comic strip)
  7. Troubled Waters (short story)
  8. Bionic Bounds (board game)
  9. Lee Majors (biographical article)
  10. Code Wheel (game; make your own code-maker/decoder)
  11. Boots Are Made for Skiing (comic strip)
  12. Way to the Stars (non fiction article on the space program)
  13. Came the Revolution (short story)