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The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1979 was a hardcover book for children published by Brown Watson in the UK in 1978. It followed the 1977 and 1978 editions of the annual.

As with other annuals of the period, the book contains a mixture of original comic strips, short stories, and activities for younger readers:

  • The Long Sleep (short story)
  • Seams Suspicious (comic)
  • The Planet (article about the solar system)
  • The Vanishing Tribe (short story)
  • Pioneers of Flight (history article)
  • In Vision (article on real-life guide dogs for the visually impaired, but illustrated with images of Steve's bionic eye)
  • Interview with Lee Majors
  • A Monstrous Tale (short story)
  • Dinner for Steve (short story incorporating real-life recipes)
  • Pictures to Remember (gallery of images from the TV series)
  • Steve's Diary (board game)
  • Set to Kill (comic; Steve is depicted with a moustache)

Despite the stories being aimed at children, one story includes a graphically violent passage in which a villain is eaten by a crocodile, and another in which a Steve renders a villain's head a "pulpy mess" after throwing a piece of machinery at him. One of the comic strips ends with Steve also killing a villain.