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“To Catch the Eagle”

S4 E21

Production 45116
Original Airdate: March 6, 1977
Episode Collage
Produced by
Allan Balter
Teleplay by
Judy Burns
Peter Brooke
Directed by
Phil Bondelli
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Peter Breck as Silver Cloud
Dehl Berti as Iron Fist
George Loros as Lone Bear
Kathleen Beller as Little Deer
Gerald McRaney as Bob Marsh
Jim Stathis as Ian Swanson
Frank Sotonoma Salsedo as 1st Councilman
George American Horse as 2nd Councilman
Agustin Vallejo as 3rd Councilman
Broadcast Order
Season 4
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"The Privacy of the Mind" "The Ghostly Teletype"


Two OSI scientists disappear while looking for radioactive ore in sacred Apache territory. Steve discovers that Iron Fist, the tribe's medicine man, has trapped the two men in a cave, in which they will die if not released soon. The medicine man fears that the scientists will tell the tribe of the value of the ore, thus ruining his plans to sell the ore for his own profit. Steve overcomes Iron Fist's opposition, befriends a young girl, successfully completes a number of Native American rituals, and then enters the sacred land.




  • For some reason, the series went on a hiatus lasting more than two months following this episode, before airing the final episode of the season.
  • Peter Breck, Lee's former "brother" from The Big Valley, guest stars in this episode. In the elder series, Lee played Heath Barkley, while Peter played his older brother, Nick.
  • Steve Austin appears without his mustache for the first time after having sported one for most of the fourth season.


  • When Steve enters in the cavern, it's obvious that there is a light coming from the left side to the right: in fact there is also the shadow of Steve on the right side. And for a moment Steve raises his left arm in order to protect his eyes from the light. But no lights should be in a cavern.