Character played by: Charlie Hill
Tommy Littlehorse
SMDM  none
BW  Out of Body
Reunion  none

Tommy Littlehorse is an assisant to scientist Dr. Jennings, the inventor of Rosebud, a powerful new weapon.

Sometime prior to the events of Out of Body, Littlehorse met and entered into a relationship with Jaime Sommers. They reached the point of exchanging gifts in a symbol of permanent union.

When Tommy has a brush with death, he appears to Jaime in visions. Oscar believes Tommy responsible for the theft of Rosebud, which Jaime cannot believe. Eventually, Jaime believes in the visions enough to start unravelling the mystery and the true criminals. Meanwhile, Tommy turns a corner and awakes to Jaime's joyful surprise.


Tommy Littlehorse appears in the series after the introduction of Chris Williams, another romantic interest whom Jaime settles on by the season's end. It is difficult to reconcile the permanence attributed to this relationship in the context of the episodes around it. Continuity in the bionic shows is uneven to begin with, but this is one of the major puzzles of its nature.

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