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Vasily Zhukov
Played by Gary Collins
Family Irina Leonova, fiancée
SMDM Doomsday, and Counting

Vasily Zhukov (Russian: Василий Жуков, Vasiliy Zhukov) is a Soviet Cosmonaut, and friend of American Astronaut Steve Austin. He is a proponent of a joint US-Soviet expedition to Mars, using an old Soviet missile installation on Kamkov Island as a base for the mission.

While delivering a presentation in Oscar Goldman's OSI office, an earthquake strikes Kamkov island. Steve returns with Zhukov to the island where they learn that Irina Leonova, Zhukov's fiancée, is trapped deep within the installation.

The two mount an unauthorized rescue and save Irina. But the trio discover that the earthquake has triggered a nuclear countdown which will destroy the island. In their attempt to prevent it, Vasily Zhukov dies.


  • Given that this takes place in the 1970s, if Zhukov had flown to space it would’ve likely been on a Salyut mission