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The Republic of Vorzana (also spelled Vorsana) is an emerging African nation.  Until late 1976, Vorsana had been a Soviet bloc nation.  However, with the election of a new Prime Minister, Vorzana's new government intended to breakaway from the Soviet Union. (SMDM: Double Trouble)

Known Residents of Vorzana[]

  • Prime Minister - Name is unknown.  He bears a stunning resemblance to American comedian Billy Parker.
  • Escort - A member of the Prime Minister's entourage.  This unnamed escort betrays the Prime Minister.

Location of Vorzana[]

There is little information to determine the precise location of Vorzana.  

  • Vorzana's connection to the Soviet Union is the best clue to locating the nation.  The Soviet Union had limited influence in Africa during the Cold War.  The strongest area of Soviet influence was in southwest Africa with nations that were former imperial colonies.
  • Vorzana is described as an emerging nation.
  • The Soviet Union had a strong relationship with Angola.  Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev visited Angola on May 25, 1959.  In early 1976, the Soviet Union tried to persuade Angola to allow them to establish military bases in Africa.  They sent gifts to Angola, including busts of Soviet leader Lenin.  In fact, the U.S.S.R. sent so many that they ran out of them at home.
  • Angola was often viewed as a "beachhead" for Soviet involvement in sub-Saharan Africa.  Other nations proximal to Angola such as Congo were also communist.
  • It is highly likely that Vorzana is located in sub-Saharan Africa.  It is likely that Vorzana is in southwest Africa in proximity to Angola. However, it could be close to Mozambique, a communist nation from 1975-1990, located on the southeastern coast of Africa.