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“Walk a Deadly Wing”

S5 E12

Production 47319
Original Airdate: 1 January 1978
Steve performs some aerial stunts
Written by
Terrence McDonnell
Jim Carlson
Directed by
Herb Wallerstein
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Eric Braeden as Viktor Cheraskin
Lanna Saunders as Vera Cheraskin
John Devlin as Edmund Dimitri
Eddie Fontaine as Frank Sullivan
Steve Eastin as Ritter
Thomas Babson as 1st Character
Craig Rossler as 2nd Character
Broadcast Order
Season 5
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"The Cheshire Project" "Just a Matter of Time"


Idealistic Viktor Cheraskin has invented a device to immobilize foot soldiers so that they can be captured without injury. However, he has refused to allow the USSR or the US to have it, for fear it might also be used as a deadly antiaircraft weapon. Steve makes some headway in winning Viktor's confidence, but a rival Soviet agent, Edmund Dimitri, soon makes contact. He announces that he has Viktor's wife in custody and threatens her life unless Viktor surrenders the device to him.




  • The aircraft used by Steve in the first aerobatic sequence was the Super Chipmunk belonging to and flown by Art Scholl.  Mr. Scholl had two Super Chipmunks..N13Y & N1114v.  Sadly, Mr. Scholl was killed filming the inverted flat spin sequence in Top Gun in 1985.  He was flying his Pitts Special at the time over the Pacific off the shore of California, neither  his body or his aircraft were ever found. (The Super Chipmunk re-appeared as a villain's plane in the Blue Thunder TV series.)
  • Too bad the "stunt" pilots are not was Art Scholl, another was possibly Jim Franklin. (Another likely stunt pilot is Joe C. Hughes; he was active at that time and his Stearman biplane was in that configuration and paint scheme.)