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“Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II)”

S1 E2

Production 44404
Original Airdate: 21 January 1976
Jaime steals for her new "master", Carlton Harris
Produced by
Kenneth Johnson
Written by
Kenneth Johnson
Directed by
Alan Crosland
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Kip Niven as Donald Harris
Dennis Patrick as Carlton Harris
Special Guest Star(s)
Martha Scott as Helen Elgin
Ford Rainey as Jim Elgin
Gordon Jump as Charles Butler
Christian Juttner as Teddy
Bob Bralver as Sayers
Nick Pellegrino as Bailey
Alycia Gardner as Gwen
Kraig Metzinger as Joey
Broadcast Order
Season 1
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"Welcome Home, Jaime" "Angel of Mercy"
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"Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II)" is the second episode in a two-part story that began the spin-off series The Bionic Woman.

For years, it was thought that Part 1 aired as an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man, but research for the Time-Life 2010 Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Collection revealed evidence to the contrary. Vintage promotional recordings and numerous newspaper articles indicate that "Welcome Home, Jaime," was pulled from the Six Million Dollar Man, Sunday night time slot, re-edited with Bionic Woman main/end titles and credits, issued a new production number, and pushed up to make its ABC broadcast debut on Wednesday, January 14, 1976 as the premiere episode of The Bionic Woman.


Having learned of the bionic powers of Jaime Sommers, wealthy industrialist Carlton Harris has decided to test her abilities, deliberately setting up situations that will cause her to employ her superhuman strength, and then filming her in action. Realizing that Jaime has been targeted, Oscar Goldman devises a plan that will enable her to investigate the industrialist, who is suspected of selling government secrets. Oscar and Jaime are seen to argue vehemently, resulting in Jaime quitting the OSI and leaving for a job working for Carlton. Jaime soon makes friends with Donald Harris, who is worried about his father’s illegal activities. Together they attempt to uncover evidence against the industrialist – but is Jaime’s cover as foolproof as she thinks..?


This episode was adapted as a novel by Eileen Lottman. See Welcome Home, Jaime (novelization). (Note: the UK edition of this novel was published under the title Double Identity and credited to "Maud Willis".)



Jaime: Why do you test drive a car? Because you're thinking about buying it.
Oscar: Well he certainly has the money to make you a good offer.
Jaime: Now if that is what's on his mind, why don't we make it a lot easier for him?

Jaime: Oscar, is it possible that those two men that Harris sent to watch me are here on the base?
Oscar: Yes, it's possible.
Jaime: Alright. Well, then, brace yourself. I'm about to get mad at you.
Oscar: What? Oh! Oh, yeah, okay.

Jaime: $19,000 a year, for my services? What do you think I am, some kind of bionic cocktail waitress?

Charles Butler: Just take a look at that arm. Now how could anything so delicate, so feminine have so much strength?
Jaime: Oh, there's so much more there than meets the eye.
Charles Butler: But what does meet the eye is mighty pleasing.

Carlton: My foreign friends here were quite impressed with your abilities. And I'm sure they're quite anxious to, eh, take you apart and study you.

Jaime: Hey, you know what? This is the, eh... first time you've ever send me on a mission and I haven't messed it up. I actually think I'm gonna be okay.
Oscar: I think so too.




  • The time on Jaime Sommers' clock reads 1:35pm when Carlton Harris calls and instructs her to meet him in ten minutes. Next, after nearly being run down by Harris, Jaime is seen wearing the same clothing at Harris' house. However, both Harris and his son Donald Harris, are wearing different clothing. Then, when Jaime sees the younger Harris, she greets him with "good morning." Are we to believe that she spent the night? If so, why would Harris wait until the morning to discuss Jaime working for him?
  • Wouldn't the smart thing to do after breaking into Charles Butler's safe have been to turn off the room lights??
  • Donald Harris was on the terrace and in the limo when he heard his father and Jaime refer to "stealing" or "acquiring" the Project Rebound material. Why was he so outraged when he confronts his father later that evening when he was still debating exposing Jaime??


  • Harris and his buyers watch Jaime's bionic run towards the Electrodyne complex on a video monitor, but the monitor shows her running in slow motion. In fact, if they're watching a camera view of her, and are heard talking in normal fashion, Jaime should be shown moving at high velocity.
  • And in that same vein, why would the video camera following her movements into the Electrodyne complex be moving sideways when it shows her moving towards the camera??
Illusion Breaker[]
  • As Jaime is jumping the chain-link fence to "break into" Electrodyne Inc., the ledge that the stuntwoman is jumping down from is visible in the upper-left corner, making it clear that she is not jumping over a fence.
  • The surveillance camera angle pointing up towards the window Jaime enters is an unlikely one.
  • When Jaime breaks into the Electrodyne Inc. safe, we see her rip open the safe's outer skin half way & pull the locking bolts back on only the right side of the door, but not left, top or bottom, presuming it has them. The door has right side hinges. Wouldn't this safe still be locked? Also when she closes Carlton Harris & the others in the safe, she twists the bottom bolt only, deforming it, without pushing the bolts back? How does this secure the door, locking them in?
  • Jaime's first encounter with Harris occurs in a rather dingy-looking back alley with tall buildings to each side and visible in the background -- architecture that doesn't seem to coincide with that of Ojai.